Talking with David Storey

Thanks to Cathy Courtney for some additional information about David Storey’s collaboration with Jocelyn Herbert, following this post about the designs for Early Days.

David Storey talks at length about working with Ralph Richardson and Lindsay Anderson on Early Days in an interview for the National Life Stories collection. National Life Stories is an oral history fieldwork charity that records the experiences of people from many different spheres of life and encourages the use of the recordings. There are many ongoing projects, including interviews with artists, writers, architects and craftspeople. Each individual life story interview is several hours long, covering family background, childhood, education, work, leisure and later life.

The collections are archived at the British Library. Some recordings are available online while others can be listened to in the British Library by appointment (the catalogue is here). Subjects of particular interest to this blog include Jocelyn Herbert (C465/13/01-14) and David Storey (C464/67), both interviewed by Cathy Courtney. The interviews with David Storey will be online soon.

There will be an exhibition about Jocelyn Herbert’s collaborations with David Storey, curated by students from the Chelsea College of Art MA Curating and Collections, from 12-16 March 2018. Details of last year’s show are here.




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