Set models

I am interested in the many ways that models are used in theatre – for example, as a way of thinking about space, as a way of exploring design ideas, or as a means of communication between different members of a team. I’m interested in different kinds of models (from the crumpled paper cup in a cardboard box through the 1:25 set model to digital modelling) and different scales of work and making practices (devising, text-based, etc).

This research interest springs out of my work on the Jocelyn Herbert archive, exploring how the relationship between writer, director and designer has changed over time and in different contexts.

I’d like to talk to contemporary designers and directors about their experiences with set models, working towards a book of interviews and reflections on the role of the model in theatre design. If you might be interested in being part of this and would like to find out more, please get in touch with me on emargolies [at]

Two figures for set models JH/5/7